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Until when can I wear my baby?

Ringslings and mei tai baby carriers is suitable for newborn babies up to about 3 years or until they reach 15 - 18 kg. These kilos may vary according the "strength" of each babywearer and has nothing to do with the strength of the fabric or rings.

Why choose a ringsling or a mei tai instead of a classic traded carrier?

Ringsling and mei tai baby carriers are made from cotton and kid friendly fabrics, which makes them "soft" rather than "hard" in order to tie down the baby.

The child is not "hanging" from the crotch so it doesn’t get tired. In a ringsling it can even be lying and in a mei tai child's legs "embrace" the person who "wears" it without dropping the weight on his crotch.

In ringsling and mei tai baby carriers the baby/child can be placed in more than one posture, unlike the classical traded carrier.

Classical traded carriers can usually be used up to 9 kg while on the other hand, ringslings and mei tais, can be used for almost the twice weight limit, in which usually children reach around 3 years old.

In a ringsling you can breastfeed your child everywhere, very comfortable and discreetly.

Moreover, they are economical and can fit in the baby’s bag or in mom’s bag just in case she needs it!!

What to choose; A Ringsling or a Mei Tai;

This is purely a personal choice! There is no question of "utility" between the two, as many parents ask. I will quote you the characteristics of both, based on your own questions, to facilitate as much as I can your decision!

General features:

The Ringsling consists of very long fabric (about 2,20m) which at one end has sewn two aluminum rings. The other end passes through them and ties as tight or as loose as you wish so it allows you and your baby to be comfortable. There is no weight limit to the size as we make our Ringslings long enough so both parents can wear the same! If the tail is long for you and you do not like it, simply hide it inside the Ringsling or create a cushion for your baby's neck.

The Mei Tai consists of a rectangular cloth -which is the body- (internally coated with special foam for added comfort) with two straps on the upper side and two on the bottom. The lower straps tie around mom’s or dad’s waist or pelvis (depending on the age of the baby/child), the child is placed and the upper straps (which are very long) tie around the shoulders, cross in the babywearer’s back and tie in front. Also comes in one size.

Both types are completely safe (when correctly used) and withstand heavy weight.

From what age can I use a Ringsling or a Mei Tai? Is it late to start now?

Both ringsling and mei tai carriers, can be used from the first moment that your baby will be born! And until it will be grown enough! Approximately, by the age of three years or until it gets 15 to 18 kilos. Our carriers are made that way, so as to withstand a lot of extra weight, but usually parents are getting tired above the reported kilos.

But even if you don’t start to wear your baby from newborn and your baby is older (e.g. 6 or even 12 months), it is not too late to start babywearing. You have many good chances to succeed, especially if your baby likes to be carried or if it’s still breastfeeding.

Which one is easier and faster to wear?

Ringsling can be worn too easily, within seconds and supports many postures. Actually you can wear your baby just as it suits you and by case (e.g. if it has a case of colic, you can have it lying on your body, so it gets relieved). The same applies to the removal of the Ringsling.

Mei Tai can also be worn and removed easily in a little more time (from Ringsling). Perhaps tying/loosening not serve particularly outdoors as the straps may touch the ground. In Mei Tai it is not very possible to wear your baby wrongly. More appropriate for back carry.

In both types if your baby falls asleep (this is very usual because of the comfort the babies feel), you can place it in its bed or in the car seat etc, without waking it simply by taking the carrier off afterwards!

Does the weight burden my back/waistline?

In a Ringsling carrier the child’s weight is being distributed in one shoulder, back and hip. In a Mei Tai carrier weight is being distributed to both shoulders and back.

My child is heavy/older. Which kind should I choose?

In this case the Mei Tai carrier perhaps is more suitable for you, as the child's weight is better distributed throughout the body of the person who "wears" it.

Do you breastfeed?

More suitable for breastfeeding is the Ringsling because you can breastfeed your newborn even in a lying position. The tail, offers you coverage if you breastfeed in a public place without anyone being able to see.

A Mei Tai does not support many postures for breastfeeding, only upright (from when your baby is able to support its head of alternatively with your own support of its head).

Which is more comfortable in a long walk?

The Mei Tai is probably the most comfortable in long walks or for longer time (the shops, the super market, an excursion, etc) except if you are used to wearing your baby often in a Ringsling from newborn.

Which is more practical to have in my bag?

The Ringsling’s volume is smaller when it’s folded while Mei Tai has a little more volume (folded) due to the eternal foam. Whichever you choose, you can permanently have in your baby’s bag or your own, in the stroller’s pocket or in the car, just in case you need it!

Which is cheaper?

The Ringsling is cheaper because the Mei Tai requires more fabric and a lot sewing work.

Summer or winter?

The Ringsling can be made from more airy fabrics (e.g. linen, silk, etc.) so maybe it is cooler than a Mei Tai which is made more stable fabrics to become (e.g. trench coat). Also a Ringsling may be handier on the beach and even in the sea!!!

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