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Advice for Ringsling

For more comfort and security when using a MyRockinBaby Ringsling, you have to know and apply the following rules:

♥ The higher and more tight that the baby can be put in the Ringsling, the safer will be and more comfortable for you. Always, when you put your baby in the Ringsling, support the entire baby’s weight with one hand and initially pull so as to tighten the “tail” and following that to make adjustive moves with the points of the “tail”.

♥ To untighten or to remove your Ringsling, support all the baby’s weight with one hand. When you lift the ring and “disarm” the Ringsling, the fabric will almost flow and your baby will be safe at your hands.

♥ If you wear the Ringsling but something does not feel “right”, you do not have to entirely remove it and start from the beginning. Just untighten as much as needed and tighten again where needed. Always with the weight of the baby in the one hand, until you finish your adjustive moves.

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