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Lili-Tai - Moonlight

Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
Lili-Tai - Moonlight
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  • Suitable for front and back carry
  • Can be used for newborns up to 15 kg weight
  • Adjustable panel height and width
  • Provides the optimal physiological position in every stage of development
  • Supports the baby’s spine in all sections
  • Comfortable, padded waistband, spreadable shoulder straps, sleeping hood
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton diamond weave fabric
  • Simple to use, quick to learn, easy to put on and take off
  • Machine washable, ironable
  • Made in the EU


More Info

  • What should I know about this carrier? The modern version of the traditional Asian mei tais. Made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton diamond weave fabrics, perfectly embracing your baby and supporting his/her spine in all sections. Adjustable width and height - the size of the carrier grows with your baby, ensuring the perfect fit every time. Suitable for front and back carry, you can even start to use it a few weeks after birth and keep it in your company until he/she turns 2 years old (depending on his/her weight and height). You can wear this carrier on your front at first, and after your baby starts to hold his/her upper body stabile you can wear him/her on your back. Due to the padded waistband and the widely spreadable shoulder straps, the Lili Tai is perfectly comfortable, and the long straps makes it even suitable for Dad or Granny.


  • Shall I choose front or back carry?

    FRONT CARRY You can wear your baby in front after the postnatal period (approximately from baby size 62) until he/she reaches 15 kg.

    BACK CARRY You can wear your baby on your back when he/she starts to hold his/her upper body stable. Pay attention to your baby’s free airways and make sure his/her head is uncovered - adjust the panel’s size accordingly. (While you wear your baby in front, your body’s curves can make him/her body take on more from the height of the panel – check if you need to adjust it to a smaller size when you put him/her on your back.)

  • SLEEPING HOOD The sleeping hood can support your baby’s head after he/she fell asleep. You can attach it to the shoulder strap with a simple loop.


  • How shall I take care for my carrier?

    To preserve the good condition and extend the lifetime of your Lili Tai, always wash it in washing bag. Before washing, adjust the carrier to its maximum size, and fasten the velcros. You can wash your Lili Tai in washing machine, on 40 °C with liquid detergent, low spin. Don’t use softener, or put it in dryer. Let it dry flat. 

  • Size and density

    The panel of the Lili Tai is adjustable regarding the height and width, which means it can fit the smaller ones or even a bigger child who weighs 15kg. It is possible to widen the sitting area up to 43cm (smallest width is 20cm). At the top the width can be narrowed to 24cm. The panel's height above the waistband can be adjusted from 19 cm to 32 cm. The waistband is padded and 58 cm long (full length is 210 cm), which is really comfortable, and the wide shoulder straps have a total length of 210 cm. The Lili Tai is made of the diamond weave fabric which is 100% Organic Cotton with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, dyed with AZO-free paint. Density: 220g/m2.


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