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General features

The Ringsling consists of very long fabric (about 2,20m) which at one end has sewn two aluminum rings. The other end passes through them and ties as tight or as loose as you wish so it allows you and your baby to be comfortable. There is no weight limit to the size as we make our Ringslings long enough so both parents can wear the same! If the tail is long for you and you do not like it, simply hide it inside the Ringsling or create a cushion for your baby's neck.

The Mei Tai consists of a rectangular cloth -which is the body- (internally coated with special foam for added comfort) with two straps on the upper side and two on the bottom. The lower straps tie around mom’s or dad’s waist or pelvis (depending on the age of the baby/child), the child is placed and the upper straps (which are very long) tie around the shoulders, cross in the babywearer’s back and tie in front. Also comes in one size.

Both types are completely safe (when correctly used) and withstand heavy weight.

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