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Dora Karli is a certified Babywearing Consultant from a school in London, based in Athens. You can contact her at the “MyRockinBaby” physical store, where you can come and see the wide range of slings and carriers, get informed about them, and try them out. If you are looking for a more specialized experience, you want to try all the available types of sling and carriers or if you just cannot come to the store... we can come to your house, if you live in Athens! Your appointment will last from 2 to 2,5 hours, and you'll be able to try out any carrier you want and know everything about their features and characteristics, talk about your needs and be informed about the benefits of babywearing .

Our purpose is to help you find the right sling/carrier for you, which will make your everyday life much easier!

Counseling appointment at your house for 1 + 1 (Mom or Dad + Baby): 90€

For additional "active" people: 20€/person


More information

Babywearing Consultancy for 2 to 2,5 hours in the comfort of your house (or another place of your choice), for one person (mom or dad or another caregiver) and the baby. In the session can participate and other "active" people (who will also be able to try all types of slings and carriers in order to find the appropriate type for them also) with extra charge 20€ per person. If the babies are... 2 there is no extra charge, but we would suggest that a second caregiver attend and participate the meeting.

  • What will you learn? How to properly and safely wear your baby in the carrier you choose! The consultancy will not end if you do not feel complete confident about yourself and your baby, but if you want it or need any further support afterwards, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Will you be able to buy the slings or carriers of your choice at the meeting? This appointment is clearly meant to teach you about babywearing and slings. There are no sales being held and of course there is absolutely no commitment in buying our products. Nevertheless, we will hand out useful informative brochures, of course for free.
  • Can you have the consultation before your baby comes? Of course you can! During the session, the Consultant will have babywearing dolls (in size and weight of a regular baby) so if your baby is not "available", you will be able to try out the slings with the baby-sized doll! However, if you are pregnant (in advanced pregnancy with a grown belly) some babywearing positions will not be exactly the same.
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